Benefits of Modular Construction

Your home will be built indoors in a climate controlled environment. Just as the materials are protected from the weather, so is the craftsman who is building your home.

Naturally, anyone would do a far better job working indoors during the winter or in rain than if they were out in the field trying to build a house.

Quality Of Materials
While there are other quality builders that use the same name brands materials used by us, the major difference is that our materials used will never be exposed to foul weather. While conventional building practices require that all of the building materials be out on the job site exposed to whatever conditions exist, our materials are kept stored in the factory, clean and dry. We invite you to review our Construction Specifications.

Construction Technique
Since your new home will have to travel for several hours over the highway from the factory to your property, it is necessary to overbuild the house so it retains its structural integrity. Our homes actually weigh much more than a similar style stick built house. Also, since our homes are built from the inside out, we can insulate areas that can not be accessed using conventional building techniques. Air infiltration is reduced to keep you more comfortable while also saving money on heating and cooling costs.

Cost Overruns
Once the final plans have been approved, your home is priced and put under contract. The price that has been contracted is the price that will be paid when the home is delivered. Cost overruns due to on-site design changes or extended construction delays, typical with stick built homes, are virtually eliminated.

State & Local Compliance
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has created a Manufactured Building Program and a manufacturer must be certified in order to deliver homes to this state. Prior to the construction of the buildings, a Third Party Inspection Agency, will certify that the final building plans comply with all state and local building codes. This certification process guarantees that the homes have been constructed to the approved plans. Additionally, quality control procedures insures that the home meets a high standard of quality before it leaves the factory.

Cost Considerations
You must look closely when comparing the cost of identically built modular and conventional homes. While there is usually an immediate savings with modular, additional savings are reflected in the construction interest expense. Construction time is dramatically reduced since the factory is building the house at the same time the foundation and site work is being completed. Both actions are occurring simultaneously and that saves you time and money. The net result is a home built better, using better materials, in much less time, for less money.

Completion Dates
Construction scheduling can be projected much more accurately because we reduce the delays that can be attributed to weather, sub-contractor problems, material shortages or any other of a multitude of reasons. Building indoors also reduces the effect that the weather conditions, outside temperatures, length of day, etc. have on the production schedule of the home