Custom Modular Homes

The homes shown here are just a sampling of our most popular styles.

Ranch homes offer the convenience of having everything on one floor. Whether you are a growing family or your family has grown and now moved away, we offer plans that will suit your needs. Ranch style homes are readily adaptable to meet the special needs of the physically challenged and our design team know the requirements for handicap accessible homes.

Cape Cods offer traditional New England style with many different design options. You can choose a shed dormer that will create extra living space or add "A" dormers for added light and aesthetic appeal.

 Whether you choose to finish the second floor living space now or later, these homes will give you the room you need for years to come!

The Two Story..

The Ranch...

Your Design...

The Cape...

Two story style homes are classic designs that offer simple yet elegant styling. Open foyers can create an impressive entry, while adding a farmer's porch gives the home a country look. 

Inside our standard eight foot ceilings, over-sized windows and open floor plans bring an open airy feeling to these gracious homes. 

Design a home that meets your needs and your style. Whether you begin with one of our models or have a concept in mind, we will design your home using "state of the art" a computer aided design program. You will be able to see your vision in full color 3D plans while working with our design consultant.

Move a wall, add a window and make any changes desired as we continue to modify you plans until we have created the home you want within your established budget.

​Affordable modular's home plans.